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About Us


Jolleen Ruppert

 Hi!  I'm Jolleen Ruppert and I purchased The Dutch Rose Quilt Shop in  December 2008.  I have been in the Sioux Falls area for over twenty  years and have been quilting for over 15 years now.  I enjoy all aspects  of quilting and it is my desire to make your quilting experience here  all it can be! 


Tina Chelgren

 Hi  there! I'm Tina Chelgren and I am the shop manager for The Dutch Rose  Quilt Shop. I have been working here since 2006 and have been quilting  for over 30 years and longarm quilting for over 4 now! I love wools and any kind of handwork! My mother was an amazing seamstress and quilter and I was so fortunate to have her teach me so much of what she knew! I am thankful I am able to fulfill my passion for  quilting by working here with such a great group of women! We are  dedicated to inspiring quilters and love to introduce quilting to people that  are searching for a way to nurture their creative side. 

More of Us


Cathy Bianchi

Hello! I’m Cathy Bianchi and I am Jolleen’s youngest sister. Though I grew up watching and helping my Mom sew and craft, it is Jolleen that I thank and blame for getting me addicted to quilting about 12 years ago. I feel so fortunate to be able to work at the Dutch Rose with my sister, as well as, Tina & Sophie. I feel inspired every time I work and Tina is always giving me new challenges for samples for the shop. 


Sophie Vonk

Hello! I'm Sophie Vonk and I am Tina's daughter! I have been working here since May of 2016. I grew up watching my mom sew and she has taught me everything I know! I have a one year old son named Simon, so for now my sewing time consists of when he is sleeping in my lap or when he's hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa! I love more of the modern/boho style quilts, I love to craft and have jumped in sewing garments now too!!


Mimi Smith

Hello!! I'm Mimi Smith and I joined The Dutch Rose Quilt Shop in April of 2018! My grandma was a huge influence in my sewing and the first time I picked out fabrics to sew my Barbie Doll clothes, I got goosebumps...I still get them to this day when I pick out fabrics! It's one of my favorite parts of the quilting process. I love traditional, farmhouse looking quilts, but batiks call me to play with them too!! We have so much to choose from here, I will be happy to help you pick out fabrics for your project anytime!!